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Work in progress and first results published

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Even though it usually takes a while to present the fruits of ones work in public, the work behind the scenes always continues.

In the last couple of months, Karin Almasy and Eva Tropper worked intensively on the content of our exhibition on postcards from Lower Styria, which will be opened in September 2018. Meanwhile, Heinrich Pfandl and Bianca Sieberer researched case studies on individual postcard recipients, “normal” non-famous people from the turn of the century. Based on these postcards, we can portray some aspects of their life – and you will be introduced to Vojko, Ivan and Natalija at the exhibition as well.  

Martins Sauerbeys article „Danes na peči faulencam. Jutri grem pa na Jegerbal”. Was man aus Postkarten aus der Untersteiermark aus den Jahren 1880-1920 lernen kann“ (sl/ge) on postcards from Lower Styria was just published in the newly relaunched magazine VII (the former Signal) from Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša. You can read the article here, or you can order a print version of the magazine, free of charge, at: http://www.pavelhaus.at//cm/publikationen/signal/

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